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Welcome to!  Inventors of  fine products to solve real problems in the sporting world.
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PROP GLOP -The world's first barnacle antifoulant that can be applied above and under water (as seen in these great magazines) . Prop Glop(tm) repells marine barnacles, and worms. This anti-fouling, environmentally friendly, marine application is designed to be applied while your boat is in the water.  Tens of thousands sold all over the world. On the market for four years, Prop Glop(tm) is the go to barnacle repelling componant for boats that spend a lot of time in the marina. Lasts up to six months for most pleasure boats in warm waters. Money back guarantee, if not completely satisfied.
 Just call Scott 407-435-9733  Please see below for samples of our top selling products. To see PROP GLOP and  our  Outboard Motor Mount, Executive hood, Large Executive Hood, Deluxe Hood, or Ladder Hatch Cover for the popular 34' mainship trawler, click "Shop Online" or simply  CLICK HERE.  Note: due to aluminium price changes the current standard motor mount price is $849.95, plus s/h. Call Scott at 407-435-9733 to order.  These mounts can be mounted to Chris Craft, Gibson, Sea Ray, Regal, Grady-White and many others. Some strenthening modifications of the transom may be necessary. Not affiliated with named boat manufacturers and boat names are trademarked by their respective companies.

Moby Cool Innovative Marine Products

Prop Glop Single tube only $29.95
Over the hole mount, Call anytime 407-435-9733

Moby-Cool Executive Hood

Moby-Cool Hatch for Mainship Trawler(TM)

Up to 250 hp Aluminium Outboard Motor Mount
Moby-Cool 250 HP Outboard Motor Bracket
Deluxe (Smooth) $895.00 Plus shipping/Call Scott at 407-435-9733 to order/Powder coated

Bird Dropper Stopper 2-D
Bird Dropper Stopper 2D
Keep your deck clean and keep the birds away!

Bird Dropper Stopper 3-D
Bird Dropper Stopper 3D
Keep your deck clean and keep the birds away!

Marine Electrical Switch Plate
Marine Electrical Switch Plate
Ensure a custom look and fit for your ship's wiring


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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Prop Glop by
Prop Glop by starts it seventh year of providing this remarkable anti fouling rub that can be applied while your boat is still in the water. Customers that have tryed it love it and apply it season after season.
11:24 am edt 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Try our buy 2 get 1 free
NewPropGlopAdPic.jpgCheck out our special on Moby-Cool PROP GLOP on our "FEATURED PRODUCTS" page!
 See our ads in these great magazines!
1:21 am edt 

2015.06.01 | 2009.05.01

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We are pleased to refer customers to Janice 142 to see her installation. She is a full time trawler live-a board with years of experience in a boat she must rely on. To see her notes on a Moby-Cool hood installation go to Thank you Janice for being such a dedicated boater and a happy Moby-Cool customer.

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