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About Moby-Cool

Innovators of Fine RV/Marine/Sporting Products! strives to offer the best in the innovative development of fine rv/marine/boating/yachting products such as, the MobyCool Executive A/C Conversion Hood, the MobyCool Large A/C Conversion Hood, the Moby Cool Mainship Trawler Ladder Hatch Cover, and the MobyCool Anti-Fouling Propeller Protection Treatment called, Prop Glop.

Our Goals

The Moby-Cool developers are dedicated boaters looking for ways to provide fine innovative marine products whether you own a 18' day sailer or a 100' yacht.

To provide affordable marine alternatives that do not de-value your pride and joy.

To provide products that can be owner installed.

Special Thanks

We are pleased to refer customers to to see her installation of our Moby-Cool A/C Hood. She is a full time trawler live-a board with years of experience in a boat she must rely on. To see her notes on a Moby-Cool hood installation go to this engaging read. Thank you Janice for being such a dedicated boater and a happy Moby-Cool customer.

Our Team

Scott Frost President

Jordan Bohall Webmaster