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Prop Glop




The prop in this pic was covered in prop glop and submerged in the intracoastal waterway for eight months. The brown areas are barnacles!

NEW! World's first anti-fouling treatment you can apply underwater! Keep marine growth off your running gear and keep your boat in the water. $8.00 S&H. Item #0629

Prop Glop is specially formulated to be applied underwater. To do this the inventors selected the products most efficient at displacing the surface water with a layer of protective agents. Once this layer is in place it reduces fouling of a wide variety of living organisms including the many species of free floating juvenoid barnacle larvae. The common barnacle has two larvae stages that look like giant fleas. These float in the water until they find a suitable place to attach themselves, like props ,rudders, and trim tabs. They then secrete a substance that bonds them in perpetuity to their new, lifelong home.

Scientists report that once a suitable home is found the likelihood of other, barnacles also finding that same home is dramatically increased. So the science team at Moby-Cool set out to make these important surfaces the least attractive places for a barnacle to want to live on. Prop Glop is a non toxic yet very powerful product that has been shown to be a significant and effective barnacle antifouling agent when used in a conscientiously applied program of marine underwater maintainance by both boat owners and diving professionals. This is an enviormentally safe, anti-fouling marine product.

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Marine Electrical Switch Plate

Marine Electrical Switch Plate Dashboard blanks, boat dashboard switch plates and marine electrical switches has never been easier or more affordable. The Moby-Cool™ Marine Electrical Switch Plate™ is a black on white marine grade plastic that can be drilled to the boater’s needs and specifications. These are not predrilled leaving it possible for the installer to lay out the dash plate to any thing the captain needs. Available in 4 sizes.

Note to users: Use a hole saw for large openings Use a forstner bit for small holes for perfect results every time. $5.00 Shipping and Handling.

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Medium Price $9.50 (5" x 8")

Large Price $10.50 (6" x 10")

Extra Large Price $12.00 (7" x 12")

Executive A/C Conversion Hood


2016 SUMMER SPECIAL!! This special is only available for hood sizes up to 24" X 28". This A/C conversion hood is designed to fit up to 8,000 BTU window Air Conditioning units. Price: $149.95 includes S&H. Item #02011

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Mainship Trawler 34' Ladder Hatch Cover

Constructed of durable ABS plastic, the Moby-Cool Ladder Hatch Cover for the 34' Mainship Trawler series keeps rain from falling into your cockpit. Item #0633

The Mainship Ladder Hatch Cover may be retrofitted to many different boat openings. Measurements are 25" wide by 28" inches long. Let us know if you want to cut your own rail slots. Just call Scott in the prep department: 407-435-9733

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Deluxe Outboard Motor Bracket

NEW! Moby-Cool Deluxe Motor Bracket can be mounted onto nearly any transom for outboards up to 200 Horsepower. Deluxe Motor Bracket has smooth edges. Powder coated white. Measures: 28" L, 25" W, 14" H. The transom mount is a standard 12 degree angle, but can be made to order. Allow 7-8 weeks plus shipping time. Shipping Weight: 49 lb, 8 oz. Item #0634

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Bird Dropper Stopper 2-D

Bird deterrents, bird repellants, and bird scarecrows for boats, sailboats, trawlers, yachts and, marinas is simple, easy, and cheap. Boat bird repellants have just taken the inexpensive and easy turn for the better. To keep ‘birds away’ and make’ birds be gone’, just fly the Bird Dropper Stopper™ anywhere on your boat it can be seen. This durable flutter device has a swooping falcon, one of natures most feared predators, depicted prominently on its rotating surfaces. The Moby-Cool™ Bird Dropper Stopper™ comes in 2-D and 3-D model two packs. The 2-D Moby-Cool™ “Bird Dropper Stopper™” comes complete with 2 Falcon cards and 4 nylon ties that fit most rail applications, for only $9.95 which includes shipping and handling. The Moby-Cool™ 3-D Bird Dropper Stopper™ comes complete with 4 Falcon cards and 4 nylon ties, for only $14.95 including shipping and handling. Item #0636

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